Dental Implantology in Hungary

Regain your healthy smile too!

Loss of teeth all of us. We can not chew well, we can not eat a tasty, we do not know to smile freely, we feel uncomfortable, we are in a bad temper. The traditional methods of tooth replacement is not always able to overcome the existing problems with our. The best solution to these cases, the implant dentures!

Dental implantology scientifically based, clinically proven and accepted as a method recognized by medical science. A dental implant dentistry has become an integral part of: the quality of the materials to be implanted and sophisticated surgical technology makes it possible that the procedure is routinely applied to the teeth in the functional and aesthetic rehabilitation.

This method provided a modern prosthesis artificial tooth roots (dental implants) implant to help replace the missing teeth.
The implant will work just as strong, versatile and beautiful will be like your original teeth.

Replace, Branemark implants, Nobel Biocare What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root bio-material produced by the loss of teeth (i) to replace the previously implanted prosthesis carefully designed for wear.
Made of the most pure, unalloyed titanium. If you have an allergy to a number of different metals, even when there is no reason for concern:
The titanium will fully accept the human body.

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