Dental implant clinic in Budapest

If you are worried about the cost of your dental treatments, you might want to consider the possibility of dental tourism, in other words, seeking dental care outside of your local healthcare systems and  travelling abroad for dental services (which can be accompanied by a vacation).

Batorfi Dental Implant Clinic can be a good choice. It is situated in District XVI. Budapest offering dental services from diagnostics, oral surgery, prosthetic works and tooth whitening to dental hygiene treatments and conservative treatments, just to name a few.

The clinic mainly focuses on UK and Irish customers with 1000s of satisfied patients.

For more information visit the official website of the clinic:

Dental implants

Batorfi Dental Clinic offers treatments for all main dental procedurs, including

- teeth whitening,

- dental implantology,

- cosmetic,

- oral surgery and more.

The clinic also treats 1000s of patients a year, so it is regarded as the No. 1. market leader in dental implantology in Hungary.

Travelling abroad for dental treatments is the new thing. It’s definitely worth snapping at the opportunity to have your dental problems fixed at a lower cost.

Affordable dental implants

Dentistry abroad? First time I heard about it I was like: “No, thanks!”. I just didn’t feel like taking the trouble and travelling abroad for dental treatments… unlike my niece. Due to an accident she needed dental implants, so she picked a dental clinic in Budapest and left on a jet plane. She was highly satisfied with the result of the dental treatment at Batorfi Clinic in Hungary.

She was having all her teeth removed, ten implants inserted to have removable over-dentures made… Sounds hard, but according to her the implant surgery was carried out swiftly, under sedation, with care and now she can smile without fear or anxiety.
Her experience changed my attitude, so I’ve made my mind to visit the above-mentioned clinic… and spend a lovely weekend in Budapest.

Dentistry abroad

Are you desperately searching for the best dentistry abroad? There is no need to make a fuss about it as the hunt is officially over!

Take a look at the official website of Batorfi dental clinic and make an appointment now. dentistryEnsure your teeth get the treatment they deserve.

Affordable dental implants

A week ago I was so close to give up on searching for affordable dental treatments :( (hope you feel sorry for me…) , but luckily I’ve discovered a website offering dental  services abroad  & at  lower costs.  It  is pretty cool, purely because the dental clinic seems highly professional and in addition to this, you can check and compare two price lists, so it doesn’t take a scientist to understand why it’s worth booking an appointment.  The lists contain everything from dental implant prices to different budapesttreatment prices, so it is easy to make your mind about it. Like I have…

I’ve  just been penciled in, so I am travelling to Budapest next week to get my teeth whitened.

Can’t wait to see that beautiful city!

Best dental implant clinic

Are you looking for the best dental clinic? Have you considered the possibility of travelling abroad for dental treatments? If so, read on.  Batorfi dental clinic makes it simple, convenient and affordable.

This world leader dental implant clinic

Dental implant clinic

Dental implant clinic

offers numerous dental treatments which can range from prosthetic works, tooth whitening, dental hygiene treatments to oral surgery.

Do not hesitate, book an appointment now! We would love to help you!

Dental services abroad

Travelling abroad for dental services and treatments is not a risky trip to unknown any more.  Batorfi Dental Implant Clinic makes it safe, simple,  convenient and affordable. The dental clinic is staffed with experienced and highly professional dentists. In addition to this,  visiting a dentist abroad



can be  a lovely trip to one of the most charming capitals of Europe. Join those who save 1000s and a bright smile will be put on your face!

Dental Implantology in Hungary

Regain your healthy smile too!

Loss of teeth all of us. We can not chew well, we can not eat a tasty, we do not know to smile freely, we feel uncomfortable, we are in a bad temper. The traditional methods of tooth replacement is not always able to overcome the existing problems with our. The best solution to these cases, the implant dentures!

Dental implantology scientifically based, clinically proven and accepted as a method recognized by medical science. A dental implant dentistry has become an integral part of: the quality of the materials to be implanted and sophisticated surgical technology makes it possible that the procedure is routinely applied to the teeth in the functional and aesthetic rehabilitation.

This method provided a modern prosthesis artificial tooth roots (dental implants) implant to help replace the missing teeth.
The implant will work just as strong, versatile and beautiful will be like your original teeth.

Replace, Branemark implants, Nobel Biocare What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root bio-material produced by the loss of teeth (i) to replace the previously implanted prosthesis carefully designed for wear.
Made of the most pure, unalloyed titanium. If you have an allergy to a number of different metals, even when there is no reason for concern:
The titanium will fully accept the human body.